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In 1979, Mr. Haggard began working in the construction industry. With a single axle dump truck and a backhoe, he started completing small contracting jobs in the Clark County area. In the mid to late 1980's, Mr. Haggard began completing contracting work for East Kentucky Power which lead to the birth of Haggard Construction Company. Later in the 1990's, the company diversified and formed a subsidary company; Haggard Rental, which consited of small and large equipment rentals to the general public as well as commerical contractors.
Another division of the company began to grow; Haggard Septic Service, which consisted of septic pumping trucks that serviced both residential and commerical locations. The industry was ready to expand into the manufacturing and sales of concrete septic tanks. With all of this growth the company changed it's name and became The Haggard Company, Inc.
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